Q+A - the answers

Recently lots of my lovely followers on Blogger, Instagram and Twitter sent a few questions my way regarding any makeup & beauty issues they were having - I've done my best to answer them all for you - I hope I helped you all :)! H x

I have quite dark skin under my eyes. and i can't find the perfect concealer, which covers it up for a whole day. i'm quite pale and the dark shades look ugly. i already use foundation and concealer. but maybe you can give me a hint on which concealer?
There are tonnes of concealers on the market so it's hard to pick just one, my top three would be Benefit's Boi-ing, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit and MAC Studio Finish Concealer. All three have great staying power and are very heavy coverage, therefore less is more with these products! To help fade the dark circles you could invest in an eye cream such as Benefit's It's Potent, the cream has an ancient chinese herbal remedy in which helps to fade dark circles and brighten the under eye area. Also, try going a shade lighter than your skin tone and blending you foundation in very lightly after applying concealer, this will lighten the area even more and help reduce the dark circles. 

I have eczema but my skin is still oily around my nose can you recommend a good foundation or moisturiser that could combat both that won't break the bank x
Ideally you'd need an oil free, full coverage foundation, a good high street version of this is Revlon Colour Stay foundation. It's only around the £12 mark and there are tonnes of reviews online, have a little look and see if you like what you see :)

Hey there just wandering what the best eye pencil/liners are the best at not budging also which are good for the water line.... Colours and black one! Thanks hunni xxx
For black pencil liner I swear by Benefit's Bad Gal waterproof liner - it will not budge! But it also can create a great smokey effect when applied to the lid and smudged out. Inglot and Urban Decay do some great colourful liners!

I have rather small eyes and monolids. Also, my lips are rather thin. How can I make them stand out while still maintaining a natural look? I've been thinking of using blusher but my complexion turns red easily; especially when it's warm. I end up looking like a tomato! Any suggestions?
For your lids you would 
need to define them using matte, brown eyeshadows, preferably light - medium tones, rather then post a whole paragraph tutorial I found a great one here that I hope is useful for you! For the lips a nude lipliner is needed such as MAC - Spice, line your lips slightly outside your natural lip line and then fill with a nude lipstick, MAC Honeylove is a nice shade. To decrease the complexion concerns try an anti redness primer before you use foundation, L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Redness is supposed to work wonders, also Porefessional by Benefit reduces redness and evens skin tone. Try and stick to nude/peach blushers rather blush with pink/red undertones as this could emphasise the red. Hope this helps! 

I dye my hair different shades of brown quite often, but i always use the same colour to fill my eyebrows in, and sometimes it doesn't look quite right. how do i find the right colour for my brows, should they be the same colour as my natural brows, or my hair, or lighter or darker? x
Brows are very tricky to get just right as it's mostly personal preference! We have white blonde haired girls buying black pencil at work because they want their eyebrows that dark, I'm sure in a year they'll realise they need to stop that immediately but it goes to show how people have very personal style when it comes to brows. Depending on the depth of your brown shade try to pick a eyebrow product two shades lighter, if the brows are the same shade or the pencil is too dark this can look unnatural, building up colour by using light, feather like strokes it much more flattering.

Eye makeup tips for girls who wear glasses?
This can depend on your actual prescription, if your glasses make your eyes appear smaller you need to brighten them, if they appear larger you can subtly define them with dark liner. A nude or white eye liner teamed with lash curlers will help to open up the eyes when they appear smaller. A pop of colour can also compliment the eyes when wearing glasses and you can create fun, wearable looks this way.

How do you actually do a good brown smokey eye? I can never get it right! xx
The simplest way to achieve this is a black liner and brown shadow with red undertones. Line your upper and lower lash line with a black pencil liner, smudge the upper lash line upwards slightly and blend it out using a blending brush or a smudging tool. Where the black begins to fade apply your brown shadow, (MAC's texture is a nice warm brown, or for a shimmer, night time look MUA's pearl shadow in shade 11) blend this upwards finishing just above the crease and then add mascara :)

The best foundation for combination skin, med - full coverage?
Estee Lauder Double Wear, MAC Pro Longwear, Revlon Colour Stay, Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow, Chanel Perfection Lumiere - there are a few different options for you to try, my skin is combo and I like a full coverage, I really love Chanel PL & Estee Lauder DW, although DW is more of a full coverage :)

How did you find it getting out there in there in the makeup industry? I'm quite new and finding it difficult xAt first it's very tough, you work for free and sometimes your work isn't credited or you don't get paid but just try to think 'at least it's work'! Do whatever you can to build your portfolio and network like crazy, assisting is also really helpful. Once you get paid work it eases up a little but at first I think it's about really putting yourself out there and taking on as much as possible to better your skills and learn more techniques. It does get easier but this industry is a marathon, not a sprint - hard work and a passion for what you do will take you far as long as you have the determination and drive! Best of luck to you sweetheart x

Best foundation for dry skin? xx
MAC Face and Body, Laura Mercier Creme Smooth foundation, YSL Touche Eclat foundation, Bourjois Healthy Mix - have a look at some reviews for these online and hopefully you'll find one you'd like to try :)

Do lash curlers make a difference? Should I invest in one, what's the difference between high end and drugstore curlers?
To be perfectly honest I think lash curling is personal preference and depends on whether your lashes actually need to be curled, I never curl mine but they do make a difference and can subtly define the eye without the use of mascara. Unlike makeup there are no ingredients or formulation to a lash curler, the only difference would be the quality of the materials used and possibly the shape. Perhaps begin by buying a curler from Boots, just a standard one and seeing if you see a difference, if you want more of an impact opt for a high end curler such as Shu Uemura. Also, watch YouTube tutorials that show you different techniques to use when curling your lashes - they work wonders and can really help you make the most of your tool!

How do you have time to research and practice makeup whilst looking after Daisy?
As much as motherhood is a demanding role, Daisy isn't awake 24 hours a day! I see it as any other hobby, some people go to the gym or bake in their spare time - I play with makeup! If I'm not working, once my errands are ran, housework is complete and I have an hour or so to myself whilst she naps I usually have a cup of tea and browse Pinterest, Beautylish, and other apps. I think it's so important to always stay inspired and make time for your work. When it comes to creating makeup looks I usually wait until she's asleep for the night. This usually means I don't get to bed until late but I love to create makeup everyday, practice makes perfect and I want to try new looks, techniques, etc. The thing with this job is it's a very large part of your life, it's not like a normal job where you go to work, come home and don't think about it until your next shift. It's very much my main topic of conversation (which my fiancé loves, haha) and I'm always getting excited about makeup, special effects, art.. the first thing I notice about someone is their makeup and I love seeing how people wear it differently. You have to keep on top of industry news, new products, trends, it's a big family of creative fun and I make sure that whatever spare time I do have I dedicate it to my career and my passion :)

I have very light brows, how can I fill them and which products should I use?
My favourite product for filling in fair haired brows is Benefit Brow Zings in Light. I use this on grey hair, white blonde hair and dark blonde hair. Depending on the amount of product you pick up on the brush and the amount of pressure you use when applying to your brows you can subtly define the brows with just the wax alone :)

What are the best products to contour with?
This depends on the skin type/tone, if you have dry skin it's advisable to avoid powder formulations, etc. Anything easy to blend is key, so cream formula products such as MAC Pro Sculpting Cream, Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow, or even a concealer two shades darker than your skin tone are good choices. Sleek also sell a contouring kit which is has had great reviews, if you prefer to be bronzed you could always try Benefit's Hoola - just be sure your bronzer is a matte finish with no orange tones!

Tips on bronzer application/contouring?
Bronzer application differs on face shape, skin tone,skin type, my top tips would be to use a shade that has no orange tones, a matte finish and is a powder. Powder is easier to blend, to blend this use a wide fluffy brush, a Kabuki brush such as the Real Techniques Kabuki brush is great for this. Apply bronzer to the temples, tip of the nose, chin, basically areas where the sun would naturally hit your face. For contouring the same applies, it varies depending on the face shape but I've posted a contouring & highlighting guide here to help :)

What is a good natural looking brown eyeshadow that will define your eyes without the use of mascara/eyeliner? Thanks! 
If this is just for an everyday look and you don't wish you use a mascara or liner I'd say the Naked Basics palette is a good choice as it provides different brown shades. A dark brown along the lower & upper lash line will softly define the eyes, a medium brown lightly applied on the crease helps to give the eye depth and definition :)

Is it possible to make your nose look slimmer? If so how can we do it? x
Yes! Contouring :)! Take a fluffy blending brush such as Crownbrush C433 and a light matte brown eye shadow, blend very quickly down the sides of the nose, starting at the bridge, blending is key here! Apply a highlighter down the centre of your nose also, this helps streamline the face :)

Tips on applying liquid liner?
A fine pointed brush or pen applicator is a must! Holding the liner as though it's a pen and resting your pinky on your cheekbone will enable more control when applying. Creating your flick first can help as a guide for the rest of the eye. Try to line your flick adjacent to the end of your brow - I think a tutorial is best for this question, I may make one soon! 

How did you get your job as an MUA?
I began working for Benefit after attending a recruitment day, three interviews and an audition process - it was actually quite fun! A good knowledge of Benefit and their products/history is essential and of course being a fun, smiley character is a key factor in a Benebabes' personality! My freelance MUA story can be found here :)

What is your skincare routine?
I'm not overly strict with my skincare routine, I make sure I remove my makeup before bed every night but nine times out of ten it's using baby wipes very quickly, oops! If I have a little more time/am not exhausted I use Benefit's Remove It. I exfoliate once a week using Benefit's Refined Finish, and everyday I wash my face with Benefit's Foamingly Clean cleanser. In the morning I apply Clinique's All About Eyes, YSL Youth Liberator serum and Soap & Glory's Daily Youth moisturiser, I normally apply the moisturiser in the evening as well. 

Basic what foundation you use/how you get your skin so flawless would be great!
I always begin with a primer, most recently it's been MUA Undress Your Skin Flawless Primer (that was a mouthful!), as it helps to create a smooth, even base for your foundation. I apply my concealer next - a fair amount under the eyes and a dab on any blemishes/areas that need extra help. Depending on whether I've self tanned I use either Estee Lauder Double Wear or Benefit Hello Flawless in Honey mixed with a small amount of Look Beauty Flawless Fix in Deep for my foundation. I think the key to flawless skin is a good brush, I apply my primer/foundation with a MAC 187 brush and I've noticed that since switching to this brush my application blends in so smooth, I love it! I set with a translucent powder, Look Beauty is my powder of choice at the moment and again I notice a huge difference after patting on powder with my Charles Fox powder puff. I  sometimes finish with more concealer on any areas that still need a little more coverage :)

Hogwarts houses makeup series


Recently I've been loving a very artistic form of makeup, eye art. Rather than a normal smokey eye these looks are full of intricate designs and tiny details that are quite time consuming but very fun to create and to look at. Being the Harry Potter fan that I am I created four looks based on the Hogwarts houses, Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. I'm not too keen on the Hufflepuff eye, I suffered a little creative block when creating this one! I'm thinking of recreating these in a month or so. My next series is inspired by Disney Villains, I'll be creating eye art inspired by every villain from Ursula, Hades, Captain Hook and more! I'm starting with my favourite; Cruella Deville! I still haven't ordered a memory card for my camera (my bad!) so my photos are all shot on my iPhone. You can follow me on Instagram to see more creations: instagram.com/hayleyfellmua - if you have any idea or requests for eye looks please be sure to let me know, I love hearing other creative ideas! 

Centre Parcs

Recently my fiance and I took a trip to Centre Parcs, Elveden Forest for a long weekend away. We went with his dad, step mum, two brothers and his brother's girlfriend who's also a very good friend of mine. The trip was planned and booked by Mitchell's dad as a gift to us all for Christmas and we were so excited to finally arrive at our lodge and relax!

The seven of us stayed in an executive lodge which was amazing, very snazzy and I felt very lucky, especially as we had our own sauna in the back garden!? As soon as we arrived the four guys decided to strip down to their boxers and jump in the sauna, naturally I stole their clothes and locked them outside - I just had to! After myself and the other girls took mercy and let them back in we had a quick change and headed for a bite to eat and explore our new surroundings. We found a roller disco, which was unfortunately closed, a sports bar where we had the worst sharing platter ever - please never buy the £19 platter it is awful! And finally we found the games arcades and bar, including a deserted disco which after a cosmo was a little more fun!

The second day we all woke up (with a little bit of a sore head) and made our way to the subtropical swimming paradise, a combination of wild rapids, water slides and a wave machine pool! The pool was so much fun, there are tonnes of water rides and a lagoon pool suitable for babies and young children (Little D was having a sleepover at nanny's, but she would have loved the lagoon pool!), the absolute best part was the wild rapids; an outside river with jets that hurl you through the water, I was bruised and battered but it was so fun! Another fun pool facility is the plunge pool, a small -19° pool which we all took turns to jump in, I honestly think my heart stopped beating for a millisecond, it was freezing! Once we'd tired ourselves out swimming we headed to the resort supermarket to grab some lunch and then home for a nap. Whilst getting ready I agreed to do my sister in law's makeup, complete with before and after shot - while I was doing this a few ducks and two deers casually strolled up to our back door?! The wildlife at Centre Parcs is amazing, That evening we had a table booked at Hucks American Diner which was absolutely incredible! They served a wide range of traditional American dishes (think Man Vs Food!) and I opted for a pulled pork burger with a strawberry jam cocktail on the side - absolutely delicious! For dessert we all shared the most insane, over the top ice cream sundae - the glass was bigger than our heads and was a combination of vanilla ice cream, M&Ms, Oreos, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, toffee sauce, mint Matchmakers, pretty much anything sweet you can imagine! Teaming this with a Toblerone cocktail was a mistake and I went into a food coma immediately when I arrived back at the lodge!

On the final day Mitch and I went for a swim whilst the others went for spa treatments at the country club & spa on site. For lunch we headed to a small diner called Dexter's, I had no idea that this restaurant would change my life. Okay, I'm being slightly dramatic but seriously the food in this place was to die for! We ordered chilli cheese fries, chilli nachos, onion rings and the best sticky buffalo wings I have ever tasted - if you ever visit Centre Parcs go to Dexters! We finished the weekend with a few drinks, playing ring of fire in the lodge and it was great night. There is so much to do at Centre Parcs, because of the weather Mitch & I decided not to book any water sports or other activities but there's tonnes to chose from, water skiing, rock climbing, water zorbing (!) and many more. We're planning on returning next year along with D and hopefully for a longer period of time. If you're looking for a mini break or UK holiday I'd definitely recommend Centre Parcs, it was so much fun and I cant wait go back!

Defined brows & everyday eyes tutorial

Hello lovelies and let me just start by apologising for abandoning my blog for the past two weeks - I've had a nightmare with my internet! Now it's back to normal I've decided to combine two tutorials in one for this post. After my brows were tragically ruined (sob sob) by being threaded too thin I had to seriously up my brow game! Here's a quick tutorial along with an everyday/basic eye makeup look to go with your brows!

defined brows

1. Brush brow hair with spoolie or disposable mascara wand.

2. With your product of choice (I'm using Benefit's Intantbrow pencil) liner the edges of you brow, this will show you a more precise area to fill in and you can chose where to thicken or elongate. If using a wax/powder palette a fine liner brush is perfect for this.

3. Fill in your brow using light, feather-like strokes for a more natural finish.

4. Apply concealer to the edges of your brows to create a perfectly defined finish. You can also create more of a defined arch this way.

5. Highlight under brow bone with chosen highlighter (Benefit's High Beam is great for your brow bone!) and voila! We are done!

everyday eye makeup
1. I used Benefit's Most Glamourous Nudes palette to achieve this look but I've listed the basic shades you could use instead - any shades around the same colour would work just as well for basic makeup.

2. Start by applying Birthday Suit (sheer golden bronze) creaseless cream shadow over your lid as a base.

3. Sweep It's Complicated (golden peach) over the lid to brighten the eye area.

4. Apply Kiss Me I'm Tipsy (medium, shimmer brown) lightly to the crease and blend well.

5. Add liner and mascara, I chose liquid but this is optional depending on personal preference.

6. Highlight using Milk It (matte, cream shade) on the brow bone and on the inner corners of the eye.

Illamasqua Eye Liner Cake in Mislead


The first time I heard of cake liner was during a stage makeup class, our tutor applied the liner on me and said this was too heavy for everyday use, but perfect for stage/theatrical makeup... I fell in love instantly and said this is exactly the sort of product I would need everyday! It was a perfect, intense, dark black with a full matte finish, the liner she used was Ben Nye but I recently added Illamasqua's Mislead - a true jet black, to my liner collection.

Cake liner needs a mixing agent to activate, it's a powder formula but once mixed with water, mixing medium, etc it becomes a perfectly pigmented liquid liner which creates the the most intense, flawless flicks. To apply I use one drop of MAC's water based mixing medium directly onto the product and then mix a little with my brush. At first it can be slightly watery so you may need to brush the product back and forth a little and test the consistency on your hand. Once applied Mislead does not budge, I tried smudging it, rubbing my eyes - nope, it wasn't having none of it, it just sat there good as new! If you do want to create a more subtle, blended look work quickly with the product as soon as it's applied and use a little less liquid, perhaps dip your brush in mixing medium rather than straight into the product. I used this to create the speckled liner/cut crease look above for both the liner and the crease.

I'm super happy with this product, as you can see you can create fine detail lines and thick lines with the same density and even colour. The only tiny detail that I dislike is adding a mixing agent seems like another step and I'm often pressed for time when getting ready for work, etc, however it is a cake liner so I should have seen that one coming, duh. I'd 110% recommend this product, it's better than any gel or liquid I've previously used.

My Benefit Cosmetics allocation

Twice a year Benefit Beauty Advisors are given a certain amount to spend for their allocation on whatever Benefit products tickle their fancy. Just over a week ago the time came for me to trawl through the website and carefully select up to £150 worth of makeup, I chose nine items that I've never actually bought from Benefit before (except one) but over the time I've worked there I've grown to love them and need them in my personal makeup bag! I ended up with nine items being sent to me, when it arrived it was a little like Christmas morning, complete with snow (it's March, seriously England!?) and I had to try my hardest not to rip the pretty packaging with excitement . Now, it's a little bit of a random mixture but I'll explain briefly what I ordered and why...


As mentioned in my March beauty wish list post I've been searing for an exfoliator and cleansing wash for some time now, these two are perfect! Refined Finish exfoliator contains very gentle micro beads, natural clay to help minimize pores and can also be used as an intensive mask once a week. Foamingly Clean is a one step cleansing facial wash that removes makeup and impurities leaving the skin feeling refreshed and looking radiant, plumped and smooth. I really recommend these items, there is a 28 day money back guarantee on all B.Right products but I'm betting you wont be left disappointed!


♡ Boi-ing is an amazing industrial strength concealer which has been rumoured to have the coverage to hide tattoos!? This actually does work, a customer asked me if it was true so we decided to test the theory on a tattoo on my finger and I was a little shocked to see just how good the coverage of this concealer is! Boi-ing comes in five shades, contains tea tree oil extract to help fade blemishes and redness and is a lovely, easy to blend creamy consistency. It works well as a blemish cover up and an under eye concealer also, if you find it a little heavy under the eyes try mixing it with It's Potent! eye cream, or whichever eye cream you use. 
♡ Okay, first and foremost Dallas is not, I repeat not a bronzer! It is a broze shade, yes, but it has plum and rose undertones which when applied all over the face will leave you looking like an actual tomato. As a blush Dallas looks beautiful, especially with medium - dark skin tones. It has a very slight shimmer to it but mainly this shade helps to warm up the face, perfect for summer and winter.
♡ I was so excited about this particular item, it is by far my favourite Benefit product! Watt's Up highlighter is a light champagne gold shade which smells divine! It comes in a tube/stick so to apply you just sweep the product up your cheekbones and blend. It's cream formulation means it glides on effortlessly and leaves skin looking brighter and healthier.


♡ After using various brow palettes for a good few years I've become a little tired of this method of brow grooming. One day when I arrived at work I realised that whilst rushing to get ready I'd forgotten to fill my brows in, shock horror! I had to fill my brows quick, I couldn't spend a good few minutes applying Brow Zings so Instabrow saved the day and I was really impressed with just how natural a pencil can look. If you use very light, feather like strokes you'll find the results are (in my opinion) even better than browzings! Plus I was done in about a minute, with Brow Zings I'm faffing about for five minutes at least. I bought the medium shade of this pencil, it's a little lighter than the brow kit I currently use but I like this, it's much more convincing that I just rolled out of bed with perfectly defined brows this way.
♡ Another product featured in my wish list was World Famous Neutrals; Sexiest Nudes Ever. These came into work just over a week ago and are very popular, I wore this kit on my eyes and sold around four just because customers wanted the same as what I was wearing - it's a great kit! My only gripe with these are names... it's a bit of a mouthful and a shorter name for each palette would have been a little easier. However, in terms of the actual product I really, really love it.


♡ I'm not a big wearer of glosses but Patootie is the prettiest, oyster pink shade that looks gorgeous when applied over certain lipsticks. The brush applicator is easy to use and the formulation doesn't give you the dreaded sticky lip problem. I really like this gloss, Fine One One with Patootie over the top is a combo invented by my fellow benebabe Helen and if you have the products, try it! It's gorgeous! 
♡ California Kissin' is a smile brightening gloss that is... blue!? Okay, it isn't blue, but it does appear so in the packaging, however when applied it just has very cool undertones and this is where the pearly whites are supposed to kick in. I haven't really noticed a difference in my teeth shade but I love this gloss as it has a slight shimmer and taste like sweet peppermint. I've been using this since I was 17 so I just wanted to repurchase an old fave which is handy to keep in my bag.

Benefit Colour Collection Spring 2013

This year Benefit Cosmetics are releasing their highly anticipated new core colour collection. A range of powder and cream shadows, ultra plush gloss and lip stick will be released, complete with a packaging makeover and brand new shades, as well as some old favourites!

"Get all Deco’d out with our NEW color collection! These high-performing formulas give you a beautifully natural look, thanks to rich & wearable shades. The eye-catchingcustom packaging is inspired by the Art Deco design of San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a must-see attraction."

Creaseless cream eyeshadows -

  • Bikini-tini - Oyster pink
  • RSVP - Sparkling champagne
  • No Pressure! - Rich fawn
  • My Two Cents - Polished copper
  • Always a Bridesmaid - Pearly lavender
  • Blue My Mind - Arctic blue
  • Bronze Have More Fun - Antique bronze
  • Skinny Jeans - Pretty pewter
  • Holy Smokes! - Smoldering charcoal

  • Longwear powder eyeshadows -

  • Milk It - Pearly white
  • Call My Bluff - Pale shell
  • Pinky Swear Soft - matte pink
  • It’s Complicated - Golden peach
  • Thanks a Latte - Golden brown
  • Pause for Applause - Soft lilac
  • Nude Swings - Soft rose gold
  • Blingo! - Brilliant silver
  • Raincheck? - Smoky amethyst
  • Gilt-y Pleasure - Golden sand
  • Kiss Me, I’m Tipsy - Spiced brown
  • Quick, Look Busy - Matte espresso

  • Ultra Plush lipgloss -

  • Lollipop - Hot pink
  • Icebreaker - Clear
  • A-lister - Bubblegum pink
  • Kiss You - Clear fuchsia
  • Poutrageous! - Bright pink-coral
  • Fauxmance - Soft berry

  • The new colour collection is available from March - ultra smooth lip colour is available from September 2013.

    March beauty wishlist

    12 3 456

    1 ❤ A good exfoliator is something everyone should have in thier skincare routine and Benefit's Refined Facial Polish is my absolute favourite! It contains micro beads which ever so gently buff away dead skin and impurities, leaving skin feeling squeaky clean - it also contains natural clay so this product can be used once a week as a face mask for a deep cleanse. I often use this at work, especially when I have random dry patches on my face and it works wonders!

    2 ❤ As well as an exfoliator I'm also on the hunt for a new facial wash/cleanser. I love showing customers this product at work because it makes such a difference to the brightness and texture of their skin. Foamingly Clean facial polish removes make up and lathers up into a fluffy face wash which transforms the skin after one use. One particular factor I enjoy about this wash it that it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight after application, instead it feels very refreshing and I love the brightness it adds to my skin tone.

    3 ❤ Liquid latex is a product used by special effects makeup artists to create prophetic pieces, wounds, scars, etc. I currently use nose and scar wax for the most part of my SFX work but I'm long overdue investing in some liquid latex as it can be used to seal nose and scar wax for a smoother appearance. You can also use this to create aged skin and more realistic looking prosthetic moulds.

    4 ❤ Another Benefit product!? I know, it's getting silly! Benefit have recently released three new eyeshadow palettes named 'World Famous Neutrals', each palette consists of four powder shadows and two creaseless cream shadows - the colours featured are also going to be launched as single shadows in Benefits new colour range which is released later this year! I love this 'sexiest nudes ever' kit because the colours are so versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways. I especially love the beautiful sliver gitter shade 'blingo!', I rarely wear smokey eyes but the colours in this eye kit are perfect for a dramatic smoked glitter look.

    5 ❤ There seems to be a Ben Nye/Benefit pattern forming here...? Anyway, Ben Nye's Banana Luxury Powder is a pretty well known product after Kim K's makeup artist revealed they set her concealer with this little gem. Banana powder is slightly different to a normal, translucent setting powder as it has yellow tones to it meaning it suits a wide range of skin tones and eliminates the dull, ash tones face powders can sometimes give. Most users love to use the powder to set their under eye concealer and highlighter as it's supposedly very good coverage and the yellow base of the product brightens these areas and covers any dark circles. I really like the sound of this powder, it's a little difficult to get hold of here in the UK but I'm sure I can track it down!

    6 ❤ Last but not least is another SFX Ben Nye product. This bruise wheel is a six colour wheel which SFX artists use to create realistic looking abrasions, bruises and wound colourings on the skin. The colours are an easy to blend, creme formula which glide on easily with build able coverage. I've used this wheel previously and I really liked the finished results, the formula gives a much more realistic outcome than an eyeshadow so I'm hoping to pick one up soon.

    SFX creations & tutorial

    I love special effects makeup, it doesn't need to be Halloween for me to bust out the fake blood and start fake-mutilating my face! I recently created this mutilated face look using nose & scar wax, face paint, fake blood and I cut false nails and placed them in the wax to look like distorted teeth - pretty gross!

    I also created a tutorial on one of my favourite SFX looks to do; a chopped finger. It looks gruesome, gory and always gets a great reaction, it's actually pretty simple to so if you ever fancy experimenting with some special effects hopefully my tutorial will help! H x

    Theatrical makeup - Snow White's wicked witch

    After seeing an image of a similar makeup design on Instagram I was so inspired to create this look on myself of the witch from Snow White, she was one of the scariest villains to me and even now I shudder when I think of her! I used Snazaroo face paint to create this look, it was a little tricky as I had to basically create an entire new face shape including nose, warts, bobble chin and paint her eyes over my own eyelids, but it was lots of fun! I was going for a very cartoon-like feel, as though the witch had literally stepped out of the TV screen (that would be petrifying). For a more realistic feel I added a small amount of white face paint to a chunk of my hair and wore a black hoody to really finish off the look. I've never tried makeup like this before but I enjoyed doing it so much I just thought I'd share it with you all! 

    Which Disney villain was your scariest? Would you like to see more theatrical makeup posts? H x

    Tutorial - the perfect red lip (my YouTube return)

    I've finally returned to YouTube after a six year break! I'm aiming to use YT for what I primarily set out to blog about; tutorials, theatrical makeup product reviews, etc. I'm stuck in a review rut on my blog and I'm hoping returning to YT will refresh my social media creativity! My first video is your basic red lip tutorial, nothing too special but a skill I know a lot of people are always keen to master! If you use YT please don't hesitate to leave me your channel links, I'd love to find more people to subscribe to! H x

    Benefit Cosmetics Glamouriety event

    All Benebabes (that's members of Benefit staff for anyone who's wondering!) were recently invited to Benefit's Glamouriety event held at The Royal Institue in Mayfair, in true Benefit fashion the place was decked out in pink, diamantes and pink bubbly for the event, there was a lot of laughter and I can put my hand on my heart and say every girl in that room had the perfect brows.

    The Glamouriety tour is to showcase Jean and Jane Ford's - founders of Benefit -  exciting journey to cosmetic fame. An all singing, all dancing documentary on how the twins started and grew their business was shown which featured an appearance from some of our favourite characters including Dr. Feelgood and the story of how Benetint was created which involves an exotic dancer and her nippes - I'll say no more. We were also treated to a hilarious comical makeover by funny woman 2012 winner Gabby Best, she talked us through how not to makeover a customer demoing on a Benebabe, she used the line "You f*ck up the base, you f*ck up the face" and I was dying with giggles! Ian and Gail or as we call them Mr & Mrs Benefit UK also came and gave a small talk to us staff members on how the company is progressing and how Benefit are a company who tailor to their staff and customers - I was a little starstruck when they appeared as they're responsible for bringing Benefit over to the UK 17 years ago!

    After the hilarious and inspring documentary had finished we were invited to watch a performance by the beautiful Elle & The Pocket Belles and enjoy some more bubbly and the most delicious mini fish and chips I've ever eaten. I bumped into my friend Emma along with Lily who were also attending and representing the beauty bloggers so it was nice to see a familiar face also.

    As usual Benefit provided a fun, fabulous night with lots of laughs. If you want to see what the Glamouriety documentary is all about I've posted the video below, be prepared to giggle!