SFX creations & tutorial

I love special effects makeup, it doesn't need to be Halloween for me to bust out the fake blood and start fake-mutilating my face! I recently created this mutilated face look using nose & scar wax, face paint, fake blood and I cut false nails and placed them in the wax to look like distorted teeth - pretty gross!

I also created a tutorial on one of my favourite SFX looks to do; a chopped finger. It looks gruesome, gory and always gets a great reaction, it's actually pretty simple to so if you ever fancy experimenting with some special effects hopefully my tutorial will help! H x


  1. really scary at first sight, but so amazingly done!

  2. Seriously, you are out of this world good! I can't even imagine where to begin on something like this! A-mazing. xo

  3. Hi Hayley :)
    I really love your tutorial and I think the face looks awesome. You're really talented and I wish I was able to create things like this (although maybe I'll be able to now!) I think effects like these are ace for parties and stuff, a lot different from the age old 'sexy cop' that you see so much nowadays! More tutorials!! Please!!

  4. Your tutorials really are amazing, you're an incredible make up artist, it all looks so realistic!

    A little bit Unique