nails for sale!

I'm selling pre-painted false nails, you can chose any design you like, whether it's one of my own or one you have thought of or found yourself! If you would like to order nails please comment on this post or email me via :)

cath kidston nails

I created these Cath Kidston inspired nails using my new white Models Own/WAH nail art pen which I picked up for £6 at Boots. Recently, the two companies have collaborated once more and released three new shades of their infamous tool in pink, yellow and blue.

I'm not sure how I lived without the white nail art pen, I cant wait to try out some more designs! Do you have any of the Models Own/WAH pens? What's your favorite type of nail art and are there any tutorials you'd like to see?

heart tip nails

1. File nail into point (a rounded point is more practical I found) and paint a nude shade. I used Topshop's 'Nice'n'Neutral'.

2. Take a red shade and place the end of the brush around a third of the way down your nail, sweeping upwards. This creates the rough shape of half a heart.

3. Repeat on opposite side.

4. Tidy up the design by using the end of the brush very carefully.

photo diary #3

01 ♡ Eye eye.
02 ♡ Current naughty addiction.
03 ♡ Driving lesson progress.
04 ♡ Someone loves our new bedding!
05 ♡ Enjoying a night out together (first in too long) at Sailor Jerry bar Soho.
06 ♡ Models Own - Hedonist.
07 ♡ Little beauty spree.
08 ♡ Saw Rock Of Ages at the Shaftesbury Theatre last Saturday; amazing!.
09 ♡ The hairdresser stole my hair.
10 ♡ Smiley D.
11 ♡ Make up desk.
12 ♡ Completed my stage make up course!
13 ♡ Making holes in Mitchell's head.
14 ♡ Heart tip nails.
15 ♡ Fake burns on Mitchell's face.

DIY nose and scar wax

Nose and scar wax is a product used in special effects make up to create bullet holes, wounds, broken noses, etc. I really fancied unleashing my gory side but am awaiting the arrival of my professional product so I did a little research and made my own wax! Now, it's not as reliable or easy to work with as a proper wax, therefore I would not recommend using this for a wound that needs to stay on for a long period of time, but it does the job for messing about at home. It's super easy and if you feel like playing around with wounds and blood one afternoon here's how it's done...

You will need:

❤ Hair wax (hard)
❤ Liquid foundation (light shade or your own skin shade recommended) 
❤ Lolly stick

How it's done:

1. Take a pot of hair wax, the harder the better and scoop out half into another container that is microwave friendly.

2. Place your container and wax in the microwave for 45 seconds, take out and stir with a lolly stick to ensure wax is melted but not a runny consistency.

3. Add your liquid foundation to the melted wax and stir until an even colour.

4. Pop in the freezer for 15 mins - 30 mins to harden the wax again.

5. Enjoy!