Getting fit + freelancing

This weekend one of my best friends parents renewed their wedding vowels for their 25th anniversary, I was asked to do makeup for the bride and three others so it was pretty hectic but lots of fun! There was a huge group of us and our boyfriends at the evening of the wedding and it was so, so good! I wore high waisted printed flared trousers with a cropped white gypsy top, I wanted to get a photo as I loved the outfit but as always I didn't have enough time! The bride looked beautiful and it was so fun to be with all of our friends, we literally danced all night!

Daisy, my mum and I had a lovely day out this week, we went for a picnic and then took Daisy for ice cream. Daisy's been drawing a lot this week and I'm not sure what the average three year old masterpiece looks like but her drawings and placement when she draws faces are so precise, I'm convinced she's the next Picasso of course! 

Mitch and I started today with a swim and sauna, it was so relaxing. I've joined a new gym and I've been five time this week, it feels great to get back to working out, I normally run 4 - 5 KM on the treadmill and then use cross trainer, cycling and other machine that I don't know the name of but I DO know it burns my thighs. I love working out because it's my "me time" which is very hard to come by! I've also started writing a weekly food diary, this has saved me so much money and controlled my calorie intake. I'd like to lose weight for my wedding and I think it's important to workout anyway, it makes me feel much more energetic and happy :)!

Daisy is at her nans today having lots of fun so Mitch and I are binge watching Great British Bake Off ( before we head out for lunch at our local country pub.

H x

a make up artist's most loved #1

marc Jacobs #instamarc contour powder - whilst visiting Paris I dragged my poor boyfriend to Sephora, I saw this powder duo in there and it was pretty much love at first sight. Contour and highlight is still all the rage, I prefer soft powder as oppose to heavy creams and this product is perfect. The ash brown is a great shade to mimic the natural shadows on the face and the soft yellow helps to brighten, illuminate and set concealer. The powder is jet milled so it has a velvet soft finish. I believe I paid €35 for this, it's a must have for your kit or for anyone who wants to try contouring but still wants to look natural, you can still build up the intensity of Kim K is your thang. 

inglot gel liner 76 + 77 - forever hunting for the perfect gel liner I took my friends advice and popped into Inglot to purchase these, firstly I was blown away by the colour choices, they had an amazing chrome yellow that I have my eye on! These liners are extremely pigmented, the black is JET black with a matte finish and the white is fully opaque, great for an eyeshadow base if you buff it over the lid. The only thing I dislike is they can smudge quite easily, transparent powder is definitely needed, other than that these are my must have liners, I can't wait to buy more colours!

mac tumble dry lipstick - anyone else stuck in a nude lip rut? I know I am, everyday stone lip liner and honey love, it's time for a summery change! I wasn't after a matte orange or anything too extreme, just a soft coral that I can still team with a nude liner (can't help myself), MACs summer collection Wash & Dry is a beautiful array or warm bronze, corals and oranges, this lipstick is part of the collection with packaging inspired by Tide washing powder! It's a lustre finish so perfect for a subtle pop of colour to warm up the face.

botanics all bright radiant serum - okay, I discovered this thank to MUA Amber Dean's YouTube - her insta is ambermdean, go follow her, she's incredible! She described it as a dupe for MACs strobe cream at a fraction of the price.. what's not to love?! I apply this cream after moisturising to achieve a more dewy complexion, you can also use a small drop mixed with foundation for a more radiant glowing finish.

tom ford black orchid - I am not going to pretend to know about perfumes, one of my friends wears this all the time and every time I see her I creepily smell her because she smells so damn good - I'm not crazy, I swear. Anyway! She told me she wear this perfume so I had to buy it. The fragrance is warm and spicy, quite intense so no need to douse yourself in it, it's a very unique smell and also unisex.

too faced chocolate bar palette - again, another Paris buy, this has been around a while now and it's very popular with social media based makeup artists, it stood out to me because it's perfect for clients who want anything from bridal to glamorous smokey eyes. I absolutely love this palette, it smells divine and you can do so much with it! 

melt cosmetics the love sick stack - basically, I love Rihanna, Rihanna is bae. Rihanna has flawless makeup, who is her makeup artist? I need to find them, I found them, it's Lora Arelanno and she. is. amazing. She has her own cosmetics range launching? Now with eye shadows?! I need them. That's how I fell in love with Lora and Melt cosmetics. This eyeshadow palette is an absolute dream. Each pan is slightly larger than a £2 coin, they make normal eyeshadows look tiny in comparison! I chose the Love Sick palette because of THAT RED! A deep burgundy matte, shimmer peach, slate grey and multi tonal purple. The stack is magnetic with a mirror in the top stackable which I thought was rather impressive! Honestly the pigment is incredible, I could talk about these shadows all day! They were roughly £45 including shipping from the U.S.

the best foundation in the world + princess sassypants

This week has been a pretty busy week! I've been working a lot and on my days off shock horror, consumed with wedding duties! I finished our save the dates, finally, which I made by hand and also hand stamped each letter onto the heart tag... to say my patience was tested would be an understatement! I used a few designs on Pinterest for my inspiration, that website is a god send for any creative or DIY project! 

One of the things I enjoy most on my days off are having a huge breakfast full of goodness, I normally have wholemeal granary bread with avocado and a big bowl of fruit, it's so good and so filling! 

This week Daisy has been showing even more of her personality, in one word, it is sassy! It's crazy to see her growing into my little girl rather than my baby, she's so funny, I didn't even tell her to pout for this photo, like mother like daughter I guess! 

This week I've been trying to cook more home made meals for the whole family, usually because of work we all get home at different times, so for me whenever we have the chance I think it's so important that the three of us have dinner together. One evening I cooked a vegan tart filled with veggies for myself and a chorizo, cheese and asparagus tart for Mitch with home made baked sweet potato fries, one of my more popular creations! Daisy isn't particularly fussy with food which is handy for us! 

Saving the best til last... we have a new addition to the MAC foundation family, this is pro longwear waterproof nourishing foundation, let me tell you, it is incredible! It's full coverage and doubles as concealer, however it leaves skin looking semi dewy and so fresh, it has 24 hour wear and even when I'm working all day in a hot environment it stays put, I have used this every day since it's release, it's a game changer! It's available in both NC and NW shades, priced at £25.

Last night we watched The Hunger Games for the first time and I cannot believe how good it was! We're about to watch Catching Fire now,  the best way to end a Sunday is with a great movie! 

H x

wedding plans + birthday cakes

Today we spent some time at our wedding venue finalising a few details, it was a beautiful day and our venue is in the middle of the country side, other than hay fever kicking off big time it was a perfect day! Last night we were at my best friends family party and all my fave girls were there so it's been such a fun weekend!

Daisy had a little bit of a sickness bug on Thursday which is why I've been so quiet, she was better by Friday morning and insisted that chocolate biscuits were essential to her recovery... By Saturday she was back to her normal self and had a play date with her cousin, must have been the biscuits!

It was my mums birthday on Thursday, while Daisy was napping I made her a cake, I am rubbish at decorating cakes, it took me three attempts just to write happy birthday! We bought her some lush goodies and Daisy made her a card, she drew a picture of a crab and said "her name is Lily" on the front of the card, I think that was my favourite toddler master piece yet.

Other than wedding planning and birthday cake baking I've just been working, I'm actually really excited because I've been chosen to work IMATS this year with MAC, I can't wait to meet people from other stores and explore the brands, I can feel my purse getting lighter already! I've been attempting to tone my hair gradually into a sliver shade, I currently use provoke from Superdrug but if anyone has any better suggestions please let me know!

H x

dorothy + date night

I had a day off today and as soon as I woke up I craved fruit, lots of it! I scooped out a watermelon cut in half and blended it with frozen strawberries, raspberries, banana and coconut milk, it was like a tropical berry slush puppy, so good! I decided to pour the mixture back into the hollow melon and use it as a bowl, very exotic, but sadly I'm in Essex, not the Bahamas!

Daisy had a day planned with her nan and great nan, when I asked what she wanted to wear she said "Dorothy!".. she's obsessed with Wizard of Oz ever since I took her to see it at the theatre. She was so cute twirling around singing somewhere over the rainbow! Her long sleeve top and dress are from H&M, hair bow and shoes are from eBay.

The weather today was ridiculous, especially the wind! So deciding what to wear was tricky but I just went for a black jumper with a collar from Primark, black jeans and knee high boots. I went for Rebel lipstick from MAC as I needed some colour in my outfit! I just popped to Lakeside today and did some shopping, I went to buy a dress for a wedding I'm attending which I picked up but in a size 20 instead of 10 and didn't realise til I got home and tried it on - I hate trying things on while I'm out! I went back tonight to return it and realised I'd forgotten the receipt, whoops! Daisy got some new sunglasses and shoes though, I think becoming a mum means you give your right to buying clothes away, from then on your child is much more fun to buy for!

Mitch works a lot and so do I, finding time to spend together is difficult so we try to have one "date night" a week. This week we went to Wagamamas, of course he had to get the hottest thing on the menu, 'the firecracker'.. I swear there were actual beads of sweat on his forehead it was so funny! I went for the yasai katsu curry, not the healthiest option (deep fried sweet potato, good lord) but I fancied a treat! I could barely finish it but it was so yummy!

We're home now and Daisy is sleeping so we're watching Pirates of The Caribbean, the fourth one which is extremely confusing and I'm only watching it for Johnny Depp related purposes.

H x

lipsticks + ice cream

Today was all about Viva Glam! I'm our store's VG specialist and today I was lucky enough to attend a meeting with other store specialists to hear about all the incredible positive changes the MAC AIDS fund are helping to make. If you're not familiar with Viva Glam it's a range of lipsticks by MAC that rare released with a celebrity spokesperson, every single penny from the sale of a lipstick goes to the MAC AIDS fund, one lipstick can make such a difference to a person affected by HIV/AIDS, for example just one lipstick purchase can provide a child orphaned due to the illness with a pair of school shoes. It really is an incredible cause and it was great to learn what a difference we're helping to make.

 Walking through King's Cross I just had to take a detour to platform 9 + 3/4, there's a Harry Potter gift shop next to the platform so as a complete fan girl I had to have a look around!

After getting home and putting Daisy to bed I needed to make a quick dinner, I opted for this recipe I stumbled upon on good old Pinterest! Slim pasta with creamy avocado sauce, I added quite a lot more veg because I like make sure I get my five a day and more! For dessert I had the most delicious ice cream ever! It's just humble old vanilla but it is just so good, I threw some raspberries, vegan chocolate sauce and coconut on top, heaven!

It's been a long day so I'm in bed watching a very cringe Hilary Duff film called The Perfect Man - it's so bad it's good!

H x

hello again

Well, it's been a very long time since I blogged! Life has been hectic as ever and blogging fell by the wayside, however I'm back with a new style of blogging and lots of fun things planned to post about! Here's a little about me...

I have a three year old daughter called Daisy-Rose, she's very funny, loves to sing and we like baking cakes, watching Disney films and playing dress up together.

I've been with Daisy's dad for five years, we're getting married in March 2016, he's without a doubt the funniest person I know! The three of us live in Essex, just outside of London.

I'm a makeup artist, I started learning techniques and putting them into practice when I was fifteen, I'm self taught and my work has been published in magazines, newspapers and on television. I work for MAC in London as well as freelancing. I absolutely love my job!

I love to cook! I've been vegan for three months and discovering new recipes is my favourite hobby! I try to eat as clean as I can but still allow a treat if I feel like it.

So there you have it, my life in a nutshell. You can expect lots of food, wedding and kids style posts, maybe some makeup, we'll see what happens! Have a great week!

H x